A label owner, producer and a DJ, NarKBeat was officially introduced to the local scene in 2006 through his monthly Podcasts on, a Lebanese yet global underground music portal that gathers leading international and local DJs under one roof.

His sound has elements of house and techno with influences from various rock subgenres, pop and classic oriental music. His sets are known to match the beats of a listener’s heart, until it seems you can hear his thoughts as your own, and yours as his. Whether his sounds are deep, emotional, intense, rusty, sexy or crazy, they speak to you in your head, completely in tune with your mood, extremely diverse and absolutely unique. He mixes you a story of every groove, melody and emotion, and takes you away with him, to a place out of this world.

In 2011 NarKbeat was officially introduced to the
global music scene by releasing his first EP Birth. This was the
start of NarkBeat as a producer, and yet it is only the beginning.

From old school, to the digital world, NarKBeat is influenced
with the magic and capabilities of today’s music making
technologies.. Today, he combines a set of live performance and Djing adding his personal touch and spices to
deliver an outstanding and intuitive musical experience.

In 2012, NarKBeat partnered up with Jean Jabbour and
created (Beirutish Records), a Lebanese yet global label that
will focus on introducing talented local, regional and international
artists to the EDM scene.